Why We Don’t Use Oil in our Cooking?

We simply believe that food should be consumed in its whole form without any preservatives or processed ingredients. Oil, especially vegetable oil is highly processed, highly calorific and lacks nutrition.

To put things into perspective, vegetables contain 100 calories per pound, whereas oil contains 4,000 calories per pound; so you might as well enjoy foods that are full of nutrition while reducing calorie dense oils that are known to cause inflammation and possibly weight gain.

Many people, including myself, were conditioned to believe that food without oil would be devoid of flavor, but when I started to delve deep into the benefits of the whole food plant-based diet we slowly started to remove oil from most of our recipes. To our surprise people didn’t even notice. The feedback has been consistently positive with everyone feeling light yet truly fulfilled when they eat Little Erth food.

This oil-free policy also had a great impact on our meal plans. We had the space to include bigger portions and more variety while keeping the calories within limits. Many people reported weight loss within the first couple of weeks and some reported that they couldn’t finish their food and ended up sharing it with the family.

This has been a game changer for us, and we can safely assume that Little Erth is the only restaurant of its kind that embraces this method of cooking while giving equal attention to flavor and experience.

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