Our Why

We started Little Erth four years ago because we felt a need to challenge a perception about healthy vegan food that it’s bland, boring, expensive and inaccessible. Contrary to what many people believe, healthy food can be much tastier than fast comfort food. It can be fun and hugely interesting. When you make the decision to change your lifestyle and shift to a healthier diet you start to learn more about the foods that give you energy, foods that make you feel good. When you start feeling good you will dig deeper and seek more knowledge and more options to help you sustain that feeling. It’s a ripple effect.

Little Erth exists because we’ve personally experienced this ripple effect. We simply care and are so passionate about being part of people’s life changing experience with healthy eating.

Every single recipe we create goes through a series of tests and modifications until we guarantee that it is what we call 100percent Erthy. This means that it is irresistibly delicious and at the same time super healthy and guilt-free. This combination is our differentiator. It is what keeps us on our toes and what motivates us to continue to create.
Thank you our lovely Erthlings for being part of this amazing journey so far

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