Happy New Year and Happy Veganuary

It is not a coincidence that Veganuary happens to be celebrated during the first month of the year.

It is the month when people reflect on the past year and make resolutions to lead a healthier lifestyle. I’m sure many of you have been there. You might agree that come springtime we begin to lose sight of our promise to honor our body and our health.

That is why we are here and why we choose to help people in their quest to lead a healthier lifestyle as opposed to going on an unsustainable weight loss program.

Our meal plans for example were designed in a way to simply help you explore the beautiful and diverse world of colorful fruits and vegetables and understand the benefits of introducing more plants and more fiber into your daily regimen.

According to Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, an award-winning gastroenterologist and New York Times bestselling author, the diversity in the plants you eat on a daily basis is essential to a healthy and happy gut.

So we’d like to celebrate Veganuary by helping you start the New Year on a healthy note and offering you a 15 percent discount on our meal plans, which are designed to

 Help you enjoy a variety of delicious foods while feeling light and happy
 Help you understand and feel the benefits of introducing more fiber into your diet
 Expose you to different healthy snacking options
 Help you change your eating habits while enjoying the process

Remember, we are always here to help. Our intention is not to just sell you a meal plan but walk with you through your new journey of optimal health.

Happy New Year and Happy Veganuary!

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